EAGE’s EarthDoc Database

Searcher has entered into a strategic partnership with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), for hosting and integrating EAGE’s scientific content database, EarthDoc on GeoClerk

GeoClerk users have the ability to add EarthDoc’s document library, which consists of over 70,000 articles and publications, into GeoClerk’s image-search engine which intelligently identifies, classifies and returns corresponding search results in an intuitive geoscience and exploration focused format.

Data included in the partnership extends to all historical editions of First Break, Geophysical Prospecting, Near Surface Geophysics, Petroleum Geoscience and all EAGE Conference and Workshop Proceedings.

NVentures Database

NVentures competitor intelligence database is the latest plugin to now be available on GeoClerk.

GeoClerk users can now add the NVentures database plugin onto their GeoClerk subscription. In doing so, users will be able to search for geo-imagery through GeoClerk’s open-file database and the NVentures database with the platform intelligently identifying and classifying images into relevant categories.

The NVentures global E&P database consists of geology-rich reporting, maps and presentations, providing valuable and up to date information and insight to exploration teams monitoring upstream activity and local exploration results. This includes subsurface context with unique Joint Venture collaboration, and timely actionable intelligence to support New Ventures and Business Development groups analysing opportunities, trends and the farm-out market. Service companies utilise the NVentures product suite to determine market focus and resource priorities.

The addition of the NVentures plugin to GeoClerk will allow our users to search through years of highly technical data in an instant, saving them hours of endless research by having all available data accessible via one centralised and searchable platform, GeoClerk.

Australian States’ Permit Report Archives

GeoClerk’s plugin’s of NOPIMS, WAPIMS, SARIG, DIGS and GSQ Historical Permit Reports is the essential time saving tool for evaluating the 2020 Australian Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release.

Searcher has integrated The NOPIMS, WAPIMS, SARIG, DIGS & GSQ Historical Permit databases to provide GeoClerk users with the ability to search through over sixty years of Operating Reports, Surveys, Interpretation Reports and more for all West Australian, NSW, QLD, SA and National Offshore Permits. This allows users to search through the entire library for modern geo-imagery and brings to light decades of historic and uncategorised documents.